Convex Polygons From Pairs of Scaled Polyiamonds

Given two polyiamonds that may be scaled up, how few copies of them can be joined to form a convex shape? Such a shape must be a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, or hexagon.

Here I show minimal known convex polygons formed by pairs of scaled polyiamonds with 1 through 7 cells. If you find a smaller solution or solve an unsolved case, please write.

See also Convex Polygons from Pairs of Polyiamonds.



Moniamond and Diamond

Moniamond and Triamond

Diamond and Triamond

Moniamond and Tetriamonds

Diamond and Tetriamonds

Triamond and Tetriamonds

Tetriamonds and Tetriamonds

Moniamond and Pentiamonds

Diamond and Pentiamonds

Triamond and Pentiamonds

Tetriamonds and Pentiamonds

Pentiamonds and Pentiamonds

Moniamond and Hexiamonds

Diamond and Hexiamonds

Triamond and Hexiamonds

Tetriamonds and Hexiamonds

Pentiamonds and Hexiamonds

Hexiamonds and Hexiamonds

Moniamond and Heptiamonds

Diamond and Heptiamonds

Triamond and Heptiamonds

Tetriamonds and Heptiamonds

Pentiamonds and Heptiamonds

Hexiamonds and Heptiamonds

Heptiamonds and Heptiamonds

Last revised 2023-09-28.

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