The Lobster and the Snake: Solutions to Harder Challenges

Growing Up Alike

Here is how to attach the pink hexiamond to two Lobsters and to two Snakes to form identical shapes:

This is my Earth and Sky Puzzle. It was my entry in the 2022 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition.

Filling Out

Here is the smallest convex polyiamond that can be made from an odd total number of Lobsters and Snakes, using at least one of each:

It has 38 Lobsters and 3 Snakes, which must be arranged as shown.

Sister Act

Here is the smallest known polyiamond that can be tiled by an odd number of Lobsters and by an odd number of Snakes:

It has 33 tiles.

Odd Couple

This is the smallest polyiamond with full symmetry and no holes that can be formed by an odd number of Lobsters and Snakes:

It has 3 Lobsters and 52 Snakes.

Last revised 2023-03-02.

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