Heptahex Oddities

A heptahex oddity is a figure with binary symmetry formed by an odd number of copies of a heptahex. Here are the minimal known oddities for heptahexes. Please write if you find a smaller solution or solve an unsolved case. Mike Reid contributed improvements to some of these solutions, and the Green Hexagon is from Andrew Clarke's Poly Pages.

For hexahexes, see Hexahex Oddities. For other orders of polyhexes, see Polyhex Oddities.

[ Rowwise Bilateral | Columnwise Bilateral | Birotary | Double Bilateral | Sextuple Rotary | Full ]

Rowwise Bilateral

1 to 15 tiles

17 to 27 tiles

33 or more tiles



Columnwise Bilateral

1 to 7 tiles

9 to 11 tiles

13 to 21 tiles

27 or more tiles



1 to 21 tiles

23 or more tiles

Double Bilateral

Sextuple Rotary


Holeless Variants

More Big Hexagons

These big hexagon tesselations are not minimal for full symmetry. They may be interesting in their own right as polyform curiosities. The red ones are by Mike Reid.

Here are three nested hexagons! Mike Reid found the yellow layer.

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