Baiocchi Figures for Polygems

A gem is a plane figure formed by joining four adjacent drafter cells in the same hexagon cell as shown:

It is one-third of a regular hexagon. It is also a dikite.

A polygem is a figure made by joining gems on the polydrafter grid. The terms gem and polygem are due to Abaroth.

A Baiocchi Figure is a polyform with the maximum symmetry for its class, that can be tiled by a given polyform. Here I show minimal known Baiocchi Figures for polygems. If you find a smaller solution or solve an unsolved case, please write.

See also Galvagni Figures for Polygems. and Polygem Oddities.





3 Tiles

6 Tiles

12 Tiles

24 Tiles


Last revised 2023-03-27.

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