Triabolo-Tetrabolo Pair Oddities


A polyabolo oddity is a symmetrical figure formed by an odd number of copies of a polyabolo. Symmetrical figures can also be formed with copies of two different polyaboloes.

Here are the smallest known fully symmetric polyaboloes with an odd number of tiles, formed by copies of a given triabolo and tetrabolo, using at least one of each.

See also Diabolo-Triabolo Pair Oddities, Diabolo-Pentabolo Pair Oddities, Pentomino Pair Oddities, Hexiamond Pair Oddities, Pentahex Pair Oddities, and Trikite-Tetrakite Pair Oddities,


Helmut Postl and Johann Schwenke found some new and improved solutions.

5 Tiles

7 Tiles

9 Tiles

11 Tiles

13 Tiles

15 Tiles

17 Tiles

19 Tiles

21 Tiles

25 Tiles

43 Tiles

49 Tiles

Unsolved Pairs

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