Software for Polyforms


Gerard's Universal Polyomino Solver
  Note: Livio Zucca has expanded Gerard's solver to make it easier to define the pieces. Download Livio's software here.
David J. Eck's solver
The (Combinatorial) Object Server
Pentomino Fuzion Puzzles
Aad van de Wetering's solvers for various polyforms (in Dutch).
Ken's Pentomino Pages
Happy Pentominoes
Peter Esser has an execllent set of solvers which work with a variety of polyforms. These are all available free from his site
Stephen Montgomery-Smith's Web Page has polyomino software (C source code) to download (some are UNIX only).
Karl Dahlke has a variety of C software and a DOS executable program for solving polyomino packing problems on his site Tiling Rectangles With Polyominoes



Smart Pentamino