Chequered Heptominoes

The two-sided same set can form six congruent sahpes as shown here. Notice that this is the same as the solution for the unchequered set except that it is repeated with the colouring reversed.

There are 195 two sided opposite chequered heptominoes shown here in fourteen 9x11 rectangles with a central hole.

If we remove the piece with a hole we can make five 7x39 and thirteen 7x15 rectangles.

The 214 two-sided same chequered pieces can for two 7x107 rectangles.

There are 392 one-sided pieces shown here in fourteen rectangles with two holes in each.

The 390 one-sided pieces without a hole can form thirteen 7x30 or fifteen 7x26 rectangles.

Multiple replications and similar hole problems can also be solved with these sets.