Other Domsliced Forms

The following solutions have been found using Peter Esser's solver which can be downloaded from http://members.tripod.de/polyforms/. If you find any other interesting solutions using the solver and would like them included here please send them to me. Some diagrams contain figures not yet solved.

The definition of a sliced rectangle should be clear from the diagrams. It is merely a rectangle with a corner sliced off with the type of slice depending on the type of polyform used. Here we concentrate on single slices (one corner only) but multiple sliced could be considered.

Domsliced Tridominoes

There are four rectangles which should be possible with this set as well as a number of sliced rectangles. The possibilities are shown in the table below. The 10x50 below is by Roel Huisman. A number of sets of rectangles as well as a square might also be possible.x

Other possible constructions are shown below.

Domsliced 3-ominoes

This set consists of 32 pieces and can form a number of rectangles and parallelograms. Most of these are by Roel Huisman.

There is only one triangle which can be made as shown below where there is also an example of a similar hole problem.

There are many possibilities for sliced rectangles as shown below (the three solutions at the bottom left are by Peter Esser).