The links on this page are general links to sites covering various polyforms. Individual pages also contain links to sites with more specific data.
Brendan Owen has a site devoted to polyforms with particular emphasis on some of the more unusual and newer forms.
Gemani Games sell sets of solid pentominoes
Henri Picciotto's Geometric Puzzles in the Classroom gives information on various polyforms specifically designed for use with students.
Ishino Keiichiro's site
Juergen Koeller's site contains information of various polyforms. (German and English)
Kadon Enterprises sell sets of polyominoes, polyiamonds and polycubes
Kemurin's Plapuzzle Site (in Japanese and English)
Kevin Gon's Polyominoes
Leonid Mochalov has a puzzle site which includes some information on polyominoes. Much of the site is in Russian. has, amongst many others, pentacube puzzles for online play.
Livio Zucca has lots of interesting data especially his own inventions - Sexehexes, Sexominoes, Xominoes and Zucca's puzzle.
Ed Pegg Jr.'s has links to various data
Miroslav Vicher's Puzzles Pages has information on most polyforms
Martin Watson's Puzzles Homepage contains some polyform information
William Waite's Nemmelgeb Murr Import Shop has information on various polyforms
Peter Esser's site has a large amount of information on various polyforms.
Polyform Curiosities
Jan Kok's Polyominoes: Theme and Variations has data on a number of polyforms.
Roel Huisman has a site covering a number of polyforms particularly the domsliced forms - his own inventions.
Yoshiya Wolf Shindo's puzzle site contains problems on box packing
Polyiamond Exclusion
Riding Polyominoes (in French)
Logelium (German and English)
Eric Harshbarger has information on pentominoes which has some interesting problems.