Polyminos de Périmètre 16

There are 416 perimeter 16 polyominoes (including two with holes) shown here in eight 9x42 rectangles and two 9x43 rectangles with a central hole. These pieces can form two 9x211 rectangles each with a central hole. The pieces without a hole can form a 19x199 rectangle. this is shown in the form of nine 7x19, eight 8x19 and eight 9x19 rectangles. Patrick Hamlyn has also produced a version consisting of eleven 9 x 19 and ten 10 x 19 rectangles.

Patrick Hamlyn has made twenty-six 7x21 rectangles with a central hole with the set. The construction even allows a three colouring of the pieces. Also by Patrick is the full set into a 6 x 633 rectangle with two holes.

Patrick has managed to pack the set into a 626x62 square by forming 48 squares each with a single hole.

The set without the pieces with holes will fit into nineteen squares of sides 4 to 22.

A number of multiple equal sized squares are possible with a variety of holes in each square.

Various constructions can also be made with the sets of perimeter 16 and fixed area.