Baiocchi Figures for Pentapent Pairs

A Baiocchi figure is a figure formed by joining copies of a polyform and having the maximal symmetry for the polyform's class. For polypents, that means the symmetry of a regular decagon, or 10-way rotary with reflection. If a polypent lacks horizontal mirror symmetry, its Baiocchi figures must be Galvagni figures or contain Galvagni figures. Claudio Baiocchi proposed the idea of Baiocchi Figures in January 2008. Baiocchi figures first appeared in Erich Friedman's Math Magic for that month.

We can also define Baiocchi Figures for sets of polypents. Here I show minimal known Baiocchi Figures for pairs of pentapents. The figures must use at least one copy of each pentapent.

See also Baiocchi Figures for Polypents.


I use Erich Friedman's names for the pentapents:


6 Tiles

10 Tiles

14 Tiles

20 Tiles

30 Tiles

40 Tiles

50 Tiles

60 Tiles

Last revised 2023-11-20.

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