Galvagni Figures for Polymings


A polyming, or pseudo-polyiamond, is a figure formed of equilateral triangular cells joined edge to edge or vertex to vertex at 60° or 120° angles. A Galvagni figure is a minimal figure that can be tiled with a polyform in two or more ways. Math Magic for November 2004 shows Galvagni figures for many kinds of polyforms.

A rounded polyiamond is a polyming with rounded corners and little bridges at the vertex-connections to hold the tile together. See Abaroth's page Rounded Polyiamond Puzzles.


There are three dimings (including the ordinary diamond), all with Galvagni figures:


There are 11 trimings, 9 with Galvagni figures:


There are 75 tetramings, 69 with Galvagni figures:

Mirror Variants

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