Galvagni Figures for Didrafters


A didrafter is made by joining two 30°-60°-90° triangles along equal edges, where the halves of a triangle's hypotenuse may be used separately. A didrafter is proper if it can be placed on a polyiamond grid so all its edges lie on the edges and medians of the grid cells. Otherwise it is improper or extended.

A Galvagni Figure for a polydrafter is a polydrafter that can be tiled with the given polydrafter in more than one way. Here are some minimal Galvagni Figures for proper and extended didrafters.

Galvagni Figures

Quasi-Galvagni Figures

These figures are not polydrafters, but they can be tiled by didrafters in more than one way:


Last revised 2017-04-25.

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