Galvagni Figures & Plover Figures for Pentacubes

A pentacube is a solid made of five cubes joined face to face. A Galvagni figure is a figure that can be tiled by a polyform in more than one way—a kind of self-compatibility figure.

Most of these pentacube Galvagni figures were found by Michael Reid of the University of Central Florida.

A Plover figure is a Galvagni figure made without reflecting the tile. Where the Galvagni figure for a pentacube without mirror symmetry uses reflection, a minimal Plover figure is shown as well.

Galvagni Figures

Holeless Variants

In the Galvagni Figures above, I do not treat singularities like pinholes and slits as holes.

Plover Figures

Last revised 2016-02-03.

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