Database of Convex Polyaboloes

A polyabolo or polytan is a plane figure formed by joining equal isosceles right triangles at their legs or hypotenuses. Here are some polyaboloes:

Here is a list of all convex polyaboloes with at most 800 cells:


It is a tar archive of 800 text files, compressed with bzip2. The files take up about 500 megabytes.

In the text files, polyabolo cells are represented by the characters 7, F, J, L, and X. Each polyabolo ends with an empty line. For example, the file of convex triaboloes, which have 3 cells, looks like this:


The text is in Unix format. Each line ends with an ASCII line feed (012 octal).

Douglas J. Durian has provided descriptions of all convex polyaboloes with up to 750 cells at the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences:


It is a text file in Comma-Separated Variable (CSV) format.

Last revised 2023-06-14.

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